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King British De-Chlorinator

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King British De-Chlorinator is an easy-to-use water treatment to instantly make tap water safe for fish. All tap water in the UK contains a certain amount of chlorine and/or chloramines, which make it safe for us to drink but are toxic to fish and cause damage to the fish’s skin and gill membranes.

King British De-Chlorinator removes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and excess ammonia, and should be added to any new water you put in your fish tank. In addition, King British De-Chlorinator also contains Aloe vera to help protect and repair your fish’s slime coat, which is their defence against infection and disease.

When to use King British De-Chlorinator:
• Setting up a new aquarium
• Following partial water changes or topping up the fish tank with tap water
• When new fish are introduced to help soothe and calm them during their acclimatisation to their new environment

Suitable for use in coldwater and tropical aquariums.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE IN MARINE AQUARIUMS Makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and excess ammonia Contains Aloe vera to help to repair the slime coat and soothe damaged scales Easy-to-use self-measuring bottle for accurate dosing One bottle treats up to 2, 250 litres of water Suitable for use in coldwater and tropical aquariums
More Information
Active Ingredients (2) EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid)
Active Ingredients (1) Sodium thiosulphate
Active Ingredients (3) Sodium sulphite
Active Ingredients (4) Aloe vera
Content Size 250ml
EAN 5017357001807
Storage and Safety Store below 25°C. Store in the original packaging and keep the bottle in the outer carton. Once empty, dispose of the packaging and the bottle in the household rubbish.
Supplier / Brand King British


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