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Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste

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The Beaphar Toothbrush and Beaphar Toothpaste offers daily protection for your cat or dog's teeth, resulting in fresher breath and healthy gums. Beaphar Toothpaste is vet strength, and contains two enzymes that fight bacteria and break down plaque. Protease destroys the protein structure of plaque before it binds with calcium to create tartar. Glucose oxidase breaks glucose down into gluconic acid. This is harmless and produces a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which provides an antibacterial action and kills the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Many pet health problems can stem from a lack of attention to oral hygiene. Daily brushing removes food particles, and reduces bacteria and early plaque formation, helping to prevent bad breath and tooth decay.

The Beaphar Toothbrush is a handy soft grip, double-ended toothbrush, perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes. This double-ended toothbrush has two brush head sizes, each with varying length bristles to help you to reach all your pet's teeth, even the hard to reach areas in their mouth. The toothbrush bristles are soft and flexible for optimal protection of the gums.

It is important to not use human tooth care products on your pet as these products usually contain fluoride which is toxic to animals and can result in serious health problems. In addition, human toothpaste contains a foaming agent, which if swallowed will irritate your pet’s stomach.

Beaphar Toothpaste is fluoride-free and readily accepted by puppies due to its delicious liver flavour.
More Information
Active Ingredients (2) Sodium tripolyphosphate
Active Ingredients (1) Zinc
Active Ingredients (3) Protease
Active Ingredients (4) Glucose oxidase
Content Size 100g
EAN 8711231153039
Storage and Safety Store at room temperature. Dispose of packaging, the empty tube and old or worn out toothbrushes in the household rubbish.
Supplier / Brand Beaphar


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