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Dengie Healthy Hooves 20kg

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Dengie Healthy Hooves - 20kg. Dengie Healthy Hooves is a nutritionally balanced low-calorie, high fibre feed for leisure horses & ponies, combining essential nutrients for healthy hooves with a light molasses coating. Dengie Healthy Hooves has a full range of B vitamins including biotin at levels that research has shown to be effective at maximising hoof health. Low sugar and starch – research has shown that horses and ponies predisposed to laminitis are at greater risk if fed cereals. Healthy Hooves is free from whole cereal grains. Chelated Trace Minerals – these are important for improved bio-availability to the horse, i.e. they are more easily absorbed. Trace minerals are important for general condition including hooves and coat condition and are also integral components of the body’s antioxidant system. Essential High-Fibre – fibre provides slow release energy and is essential for maximising gut health. Highly palatable – Healthy Hooves contains added garlic for great palatability and pellets for added interest.
DE MJ/kg 8.5, Protein 9%, Oil 4.5%, Fibre 27%, Copper 12 mg/kg, Selenium 0.25 mg/kg, Zinc 64 mg/kg, Biotin 6 mg/kg, Sugars 5%, Starch 1.5%.
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