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Radish Mixed

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GARDENER'S CHOICE. This is a special pack, popular with most gardeners, which contains Radish varieties :- Hailstone (20%), Scarlet Globe (20%), Sparkler (20%), Malaga Violet(20%), Zlata Yellow(20%) The thought of sowing radish seeds brings back childhood memories for countless gardeners who were given the vegetable to grow as an introduction to gardening, because of its ease to grow. Nowadays there is a vast range of radish and they taste beautiful when sliced in salads or taken whole on a picnic as a snack.

 Notes: HARVEST 3-4 weeks after sowing, do not transplant

WHEN TO SOW March to September

WHERE TO SOW Sow thinly in shallow drills 1.5cm (1/2in) deep with 15-30cm (6-12in) between the rows. During hot weather water the base of the seed drills first before sowing seeds and covering with dry soil. WHAT TO DO NEXT Radish plants do not require transplanting and if sown carefully , thinning is not necessary. Sow a few seeds in any spare areas for a quick crop.

MATURITY 4 weeks from sowing

HANDY TIP Sow small patches every 4 weeks to have a continuous supply to HARVEST.

NUTRITIONAL VALUE Rich in vitamin C and potassium. Contains beneficial sulphur compounds.

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Vegetable Variety Radish
Supplier / Brand Kings Seeds

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