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Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal 20kg

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Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal is a high protein feed suitable for wet feeding. Why should I buy Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal? Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal is a quality Pig feed. Formulated for sows and weaners, it helps to get piglets off to a good start. It contains 17.5% protein and 5.75% fibre. Sow & Weaner Meal can either be fed wet or as a single diet by smaller producers. Another benefit is that it can help stimulate production of milk in sows.
How much Heygates Sow & Weaner Meal should I feed to my animals? For a typical sow feed about 2.5kg a day. After farrowing gradually increase the feed over 10 days. As a guideline feed 2kg plus 0.5kg per piglet. Reduce the amount to maintenance levels after weaning, unless the mother is looking thin.
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